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Let Tesla Designs Help You Connect With Your Audience

It is said that humor and creativity are inextricably linked. We connect with people through humor, creativity & education to bring fun learning and understanding to your students.

Services include:

– Advertising through copy writing and graphic illustration – I work with you to create a series of customized messages that engages your clients. They are short, authentic and capture attention. I help you create a series of online Micro-Learning lectures that capture interest and better understanding of what you are selling. This is perfect for online businesses, educators and people that provide some sort of teaching and coaching perspectives in their schools or business. You of course can put the finished product on your website as well.

– Corporate Creativity – I explain how advertising managers can cultivate creativity and use machine learning to find their next client. Perfect for corporate HR departments, placement firms and digital advertisers.

– Personal Brand Awareness – It’s about getting you and your business on the digital map & getting folks talking about your business. If you are working to create your own brand, the Tesla team can help you get your reputation out farther & refine your messaging. We  do this by taking a look at your influence across of the Internet using elements of what is called Search Engine Optimization. For example, maybe your website is not ranked in the top results, we offer analysis and insights about your product and brand perception that you can use to make changes. Basically, we work to give you the why things and explain the cost of fixing it or improving your reputation. Whether your goal is more foot traffic in the restaurant, website traffic, people calling, or getting new clients – we can help. If we can’t help you substantively we’ll say so.

Tesla Designs provides advertising and creative services such as copy writing and graphic illustrations in these these industries and categories: Information Technology, Software, Higher Education, Department of Defense, Life Sciences, Entertainment, and Tourism. Some of our clients include: Booz Allen Hamilton, Jacobs Technology, Hillsborough Community College, USCentCom, USSOCOM, Wyndam Resorts, Hilton Resorts and many other great companies or organizations.


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